TRUEHealth Grocery List

This is a list of nutrient dense, fresh, whole (or in some cases minimally processed) foods which promote optimal health. Some of these items are only available at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. Costco is another option, as it now carries a number of high quality low cost organic options. When your budget allows, always aim for organic (this is especially true for foods in which you eat the skin/flesh ie. apples) and remember to support your local farmer’s market.

(Here is a printable PDF version of the list: TRUEHealth Grocery List)

Organic Vegetables
___red leaf lettuce
___green leaf lettuce
___romaine lettuce
___organic baby green salad mix
___red cabbage

Meat, Poultry & Fish
___fresh fish
___frozen wild-caught fish
___chicken (free range, organic if possible)
___ground turkey
___lean beef (organic, grass fed if possible)
___sea scallops

___organic free-range eggs

Organic Fruit
___honeydew melon

Nut Milks
___almond milk
___hemp milk
___rice milk
___coconut milk

Canned or Carton Foods
___kidney beans, navy beans, black beans
___tomato puree
___chopped tomatoes
___organic vegetable/chicken stock

Raw Nuts
___sunflower seeds
___macadamia nuts

Breads and Grains
___Ezekiel sprouted grain bread
___brown rice burrito wraps
___quinoa wheat bread

___organic butter
___organic greek yogurt

Nut Butters
___raw almond butter
___sunflower seed butter

___almond flour
___coconut flour

___cold pressed virgin coconut oil
___cold pressed virgin olive oil
___cold pressed sunflower oil (high heat/low smoke point)

Sauces, etc.
___organic red wine or Balsamic vinegar
___tamari (this is a gluten-free ‘soy’ sauce)
___Dijon mustard/Organic ketchup

Frozen Fruit
___organic blueberries
___mixed berries
___organic peaches

Herbs, Spices, Powders & Extract
___sea salt
___cayenne pepper
___red pepper flakes
___cracked pepper
___vanilla extract
___curry powder
___parsley, dried
___thyme, dried
___dill, dried
___oregano, dried
___basil, dried
___bay leaf
___anise seed
___fennel seed

___raw honey
___raw agave nectar
___raw cocoa powder
___raw cacao nibs

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