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3 Foods To Boost Your Energy

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An often overlooked way to keep our energy levels high and our moods stable is to eat the right foods. If you feed your body the right building blocks, you can boost your energy naturally without resorting to caffeine or supplements – after all, you are what you eat.

Generally speaking, all food gives you energy. BUT some foods are certainly better at providing the energy boost you need – due to their nutritional composition. So why not try these 3 delicious and energy boosting power foods the next time you are in a little lag:

Black beans

Black beans pack both protein and fiber, which is a great combination to help boost energy and then keep it stable. Protein helps by keeping you fuller for longer, and fiber helps keep your blood sugar level steady – allowing your energy level to stay at an even keel.

Beans also contain magnesium (close to a third of your recommended daily intake in a cup). Magnesium helps to relax the body so it can rest and restore energy.


Walnuts are a great energy boosting snack due to their perfect composition of healthy fats, fiber and protein – keeping you nourished and sustained. They’re packed with good fats, which help you stay full; fiber, and nutrients like selenium, vitamin E, and omega-3s.

Steel Cut Oats

Oats contain quality carbohydrates that are stored in the body as glycogen and provide fuel for our brains and muscles. In addition, the soluble fiber in oats takes longer to digest and helps extend the energy boost you get from carbs for long-lasting energy. For this reason they make a great pre-workout meal.

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10 Steps to Regain Your Health

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It goes without saying that the start of 2013 marks the beginning of all the resolutions you set out to achieve for yourself and your loved ones. If you are like most Americans, health is the most important aspect of your life that needs improving. Without adequate health and your well-being, you can kiss most of your other resolutions goodbye. Declining health and vitality robs you of precious energy to achieve your personal or professional goals.

With that in mind, I’ve created a series of simple practices into your life – the more of these you add, the better and more in charge of your life you’ll feel.

  1. Move more. As humans we are made to move,  this doesn’t mean running around on a daily basis but rather spending a good portion of our days walking, standing and moving in general. If we don’t our bodies rebel and health declines. It’s not only good for your cardiovascular health, but also for your mental health. Do some form of exercise that significantly raises your heart rate for 30 minutes at least four times a week. Remember also to break up your sitting and move frequently during the day.
  2. Get more sleep. Sleep is often the single most undervalued behavior in our lives and the one with the most immediate power to improve our experience in every waking moment. If you’re getting 6 or less hours of sleep, aim to get just one more hour of sleep a night – it will leave you feeling more physically energized, emotionally resilient, and mentally clear.
  3. Eat less, more often. Food is fuel, and real food – lean proteins and vegetables/fruits (complex carbohydrates) – are high-octane fuel. You’re best off when you eat in small doses throughout the day, beginning with breakfast.
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