The Genetics Excuse

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The Genetics Excuse

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A lot of people that I come into contact with truly believe that within their family history lies their fate. In other words, because in their family history there are instances of  heart disease or cancer, there is nothing that they can do to prevent themselves from getting these diseases.

While it’s true that some of us carry genes that make us more susceptible to cancer, heart disease,and diabetes just to name a few, it is also true that for these genes to cause disease, they must be turned ON. In fact recent research has shown that genetics contributes only about 30% to disease susceptibility while an individual”s environment contributes upwards of 70%. So, as long as these genes are turned OFF, you are safe.

Now, you might be asking yourself, what is it that turns these switches “ON”?

The answer is several factors contribute:


At True Health Family Chiropractic, we address all of these factors with our patients from the initial visit. Through Chiropractic adjustments, we correct and restore normal function to your spine and nervous system resulting from years of repetitive stress, tension, and countless traumas. Through our detoxification/cleanse program, we eliminate toxins stored in your body from the air that we breathe, the food that we eat, and the water that we drink. And finally, we offer nutritional advice and high quality whole food supplements.

Whole food supplements are different from synthetic vitamins and supplements in that they include phenolic compounds, enzymes and many other phytonutrients; these other constituents have incredible value. As published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers from Cornell University discovered that less than 1% of the total antioxidant activity of apples comes from ascorbic acid. Most of the antioxidant activity of fruits and vegetables come from phenolic and flavonoids in the apples. These antioxidants promote cellular health and provide protection from the daily environmental, dietary and stress-related challenges facing individuals in today’s fast-paced culture. Our supplements utilize whole foods and botanicals to combat the destructive power of free radicals.

Inevitably, the choice is yours. You can continue living your life the same way, or you can make a change now to ensure your health for years to come.

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