Gratitude Adjustment

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Gratitude Adjustment

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Research continues to suggest that being thankful is good for your health.  Study after study have shown that having an overall attitude of gratitude can improve  physical, emotional and psychological well being

According to the Wall Street Journal:

“Adults who frequently feel grateful have more energy, more optimism, more social connections and more happiness than those who do not, according to studies conducted over the past decade. They’re also less likely to be depressed, envious, greedy or alcoholics. They earn more money, sleep more soundly, exercise more regularly and have greater resistance to viral infections.”

Who wouldn’t sign up for that? And now new research is finding similar benefits in children who exhibit gratitude on a regular basis.

“Kids who feel and act grateful tend to be less materialistic, get better grades, set higher goals, complain of fewer headaches and stomach aches and feel more satisfied with their friends, families and schools than those who don’t, studies show.”

Not only does it appear to be beneficial for your health,  it’s also a just a great way to live.  Gratitude has tremendous power; if it is sincere and heartfelt it makes a big difference to our outlook on life.  This is why maintaining a positive mental attitude is one of the  6 Components of TRUEHealth.

Check out the WSJ article link below, they even have a test to see how grateful you are.


Wall Street Journal

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  • Judith

    Hi Dr. Braglia, I use this “Attitude of Gratitude” to start every one of
    my art classes and my students are more focused, creative, and expressive because of it. We do a stretch then say a prayer of thanksgiving for our
    unique talents and the opportunity to express them freely. It has a very
    positive effect! Thanks for the article, this website is awesome!
    Your patient and friend, Judith D.

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