Purification Program

For more information on our 21 Day Purification/Natural Weight Loss Program call 203.923.8633 to set up a Complimentary Consultation

“I struggled for over ten years with my weight. I tried several programs. I just could not stick with the programs or I found myself hungry. One of my friends told me about True Health’s purification program.  I met with Dr. Braglia to discuss this option. He was easy to talk with and very supportive. I tried the products and found that as long as I drank my water and had at least 2 shakes a day I was just not hungry.  I think what worked especially for me was that you could eat as many vegetables and fruits as you wanted to so I never found myself hungry.  I also felt like the process helped me take-off weight quickly but also changed my eating habits.  I eat more vegetables, no processed food and not much that contains chemicals. I now stay on maintenance and find that this is a new way to eat for life. I’ve lost 30lb and feel fabulous!”Carol K.

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