Weekly Health Roundup

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Weekly Health Roundup

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weekly health roundup

Welcome to True Health Family Chiropractic’s Weekly Health Roundup, where we’ll take a look at what’s making news in the world of health.

Research of the Week

Stanford University researcher and geneticist, Dr. Gerald Crabtree, believes that our human intelligence is slowly declining – mainly due to adverse genetic mutations. But human intelligence is suffering for other reasons as well. This piece points to studies showing the effects of growing up with toxins, GMOs/pesticides, and processed “food” on our children.

Interesting Articles

Ever wonder what other countries do during flu season? Well, they certainly don’t get the flu shot: Only the U.S. and Canada actually encourage everyone older than 6 months to get the flu vaccine. CNN also points out that this year, a year in which the vaccine is supposed to be a good match to the virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates the vaccine is only 62% effective.

Time has a great Q&A With neuroscientist Bruce McEwen. He explains the effects of toxic stress – where bad things happen, perhaps because you don’t have the inner or external resources needed to cope, which makes us more vulnerable to adverse outcomes. So what can we do? Be physically active, get a good diet, adequate sleep, create a social support, have a good hobby, meditate. {This is also where chiropractic care comes into the equation: Spinal alignment coupled with a healthy lifestyle means the body is at its best and has the best chance to adapt to stress we may encounter.}

Blog Posts Worth Reading

Lifehacker has a very cool post on how we can actually rewire our brains to think positively and break out of that negative feedback loop that so many of us experience.

Time Capsule

One year ago this week we held our Ribbon Cutting at True Health Family Chiropractic! Thank you to all of our patients who have trusted us with their health and everyone who has supported us in this past year.

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