Why Humans Are Like Light Bulbs

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Why Humans Are Like Light Bulbs

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According to physicist Peter Hoffman, “Humans talk, write, walk and love using the same amount of energy per second as a light bulb.” Hoffman goes on to explain that to power a human being it takes about 120 watts a day.

Now, think of your Nervous System as electrical wires and your body a 120 watt light bulb connected to it. When the wires are clear and electricity flows freely, your bulb glows to 120 watts. For us this means that your brain can coordinate with your body via your nervous system, both organ and cell function. It is scientific fact that this communication in your body is the basis of your health and vitality. But if power is restricted in the wires, your bulb dims – nerve messages become impaired – which lessens overall function and general health.

In fact, if you break down the word subluxation (a misalignment of the spine) this becomes clearer. SUB meaning ‘less’, LUX, which is ‘a measurement of light’, and ATION, which is a ‘state of’. Subluxation is therefore a state of less light. That’s pretty simple isn’t it? Subluxation interferes with the energy, the lifeline, in the body.

The more mechanically distorted a person is, the less energy is available for thinking, metabolism and healing. As Chiropractors, we adjust the spine to remove nerve interference – so you can shine bright. So don’t wait until your light’s completely out, get adjusted now for optimal health!

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  • Dan

    This is a great article. Well written with perfect imagery to express how our bodies work. It doesn’t make sense to treat our bodies chemically when the basis of our being is electrical…

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