“You Can Heal It, We Can Help…”

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“You Can Heal It, We Can Help…”

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The Home Depot attributes its success and growth (nearly 2,000 stores in the US, Canada and Mexico) to one simple concept…INDEPENDENCE. Their motto, “You can build it, we can help” celebrates that spirit. They’ve discovered when given the choice to pay someone to do a project or to just ‘do it yourself’ many people choose the latter because of the sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and pride they from completing the job themselves. Not to mention, saving some money in the process!

Our principled, chiropractic philosophy inherently shares the same concept.

True Health comes from the inside out. When given the choice to have a doctor heal you with drugs or surgery from the outside or to ‘heal it yourself’ from the inside, most people would rather choose INDEPENDENCE and heal on their own. When we tell our patients, ‘you can heal it, we can help’ we connect with an, innate truthful understanding that healing is a do-it-yourself job and all we do as chiropractors is open the lines of communication to help get you well. Plus, you can save a lot of money in the process!


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